Tom Martin, Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate from Pennsylvania in 2006
A just government respects the rights of all people equally and grants special favor to none



I seem to remember for Bill Clintons first presidential run they were quite successful pushing the notion of "ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID" as a way of quickly getting at the hearts an minds of the American public. That was close to the problem, but not on the mark. Tax cuts are nice, they are a start in the right direction. The real target is the bloated and uncontrolled growth in government spending and debt. We are as a nation headed to junk bond status.

The White house is claiming that the economy is strong. Well if the economy is doing so great - then that is when you pay off your bills not eat the seed corn that is supposed to feed the next generation.

Any one who believes that republicans are fiscal conservative is ...gees.. To be as polite as possible - not paying attention, sharing meds with Rush Limbaugh, delusional? What $10 trillion dollar federal debt is not enough?

So to the true believers of the Republican Party - I have just one question. Why are big government Republicans better then big government Democrats?


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