Tom Martin, Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate from Pennsylvania in 2006
A just government respects the rights of all people equally and grants special favor to none


Santorum expands Nanny State

I was some what annoyed - then amused to hear Senator Santorum define Conservatism as stewardship of patrimony at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference. Then later on in his speech he promoted a new government program at a mere $100 million dollars to expand the Nanny federal government into the delivery room -- part of that cradle to grave nanny state we conservatives have been clamering for. Apparently he found a clause in the constitution that requires federal government to register the fathers of children born out of wed lock. I was annoyed because of yet another government program - but amused since he has proven that democrats are redundant and unnecessary - Republicans can keep growing Fed Gove all on it's own in ways that not even Saint Hillary could imagine. So why are big government republican’s better then big government democrats? We the people can't afford either.