Tom Martin, Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate from Pennsylvania in 2006
A just government respects the rights of all people equally and grants special favor to none


ISSUE ONE: Ballot Access

Ballot Access or More accurately the lack of it for the common American citizen is my primary issue

On it's face It is hard to imagine a topic more trivial then ballot access, when I realized as long as the incumbent parties control who may or may not run against them in the elections we the people can not be free until that is corrected.

There are a variety of topics from Abortion to Xenophobia, but they are all meaningless chatter if We the people are denied Free and Fair elections at the Ballot box.

In Pennsylvania the Republicans and Democrats parties only need 2,000 signatures for their state wide ballot access - In 2006 Libertarians, Constitution, Greens, Independents or any one else needs over 67,070 signatures -- more then 33 times as many signatures the incumbents need -- so much for the explicit Pennsylvania constitutional guarantee of Free and equal elections (article I Section V) - apparently the laws are only for the little people.

The career politicians regularly plunder the tax payers money to fund their elections with a wide array of tools at their disposal - all paid for by We the People but the system is used/abused By the politicians, For the Politicians, and To the Politicians. From their Franking Letters, tax payer subsidized primaries, use of Election Boards and Courts to enforce discriminatory Laws purely designed to eliminate opponents, Hugely different Ballot Access signature requirements, direct tax payer subsidy into incumbent election coffers, exclusive debates and even arresting opposition candidates to keep them from participating in the debates.

American Elections are not clean. If any American Citizen thinks our elections are ok they need an education to what is going on.


Blogger tom said...

I would really rather deal with topics such as the federal debt, the explosive growth of the federal government under the "Fiscal" conservative Republicans, the encroachment of Government at all levels into our personal lives...the list appears to be endless.. but if the incumbent parties can dictate the rules and decide who enforces them as to who may and who may not run against them -- we are not free.

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