Tom Martin, Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate from Pennsylvania in 2006
A just government respects the rights of all people equally and grants special favor to none


Santorum the Socialist

Bob Casey, you and your socialist friends are redundant - get off the ballot and stop confusing the little people!

Below is a wonderful story about redistribution of wealth and big brother nannyism by the arch conservative (gag - cough -wheeze) Santorum.

NO WHERE is a breath of cutting cost by cutting regulation - or increasing competition or letting people shop in Candida or any where else or freeing up the market to solve things, It is just a micromanagers dream story - Little Ricky is watching over us all, He knows when we are sleeping, He knows when we are awake...
Sleep tight and don't let big brothers bugs byte..Santorum sent many this reassuring (?) e-mail
August 28, 2006
Dear Mr. Martin:
Knowing of and sharing your interest in safeguarding and supporting health care and local communities in Pennsylvania, I am writing to let you know of my recent work to protect access to health care for central Pennsylvanians.

Williamsport Hospital's Medicare payment (wage index) disparity threatens Pennsylvanians' access to high-quality, compassionate, and cost-effective care in not only Williamsport, but the counties of Lycoming, Clinton, Sullivan, Union, Northumberland, Bradford, Tioga, Columbia, Montour, and Centre, and their surrounding rural areas. Williamsport Hospital has struggled financially due to an unfair Medicare payment policy that compensates competing hospitals nearly 10 percent more for employee wage costs. This disparity has cost Williamsport Hospital approximately $3.5 million per year, threatening both patient access to critical care and the community's economy.

Since being made aware of Williamsport Hospital's Medicare payment disparity, I have fought for a fair and equitable Medicare reimbursement for Williamsport Hospital. In July 2005, I wrote to the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the agency responsible for Medicare reimbursement, in strong support of Williamsport Hospital's proposed solution to this issue. In March 2006, I facilitated a meeting in which high-level CMS officials and representatives from Williamsport Hospital were able to come together in a productive session. I also made numerous personal calls to CMS, the Office of Management and Budget and the White House on behalf of my constituents-the employees and patients who rely on the high-quality care delivered by Williamsport Hospital.

I am thrilled that my on-going efforts on behalf of Williamsport Hospital culminated in an early August announcement that CMS would address the payment disparity, resulting in at least $2.5 million in fairer reimbursement for the hospital over a six-month period beginning in October 2006. I am hopeful that this payment policy will result in a total increase of $5 million per year for the hospital. While this payment policy is a temporary fix, I remain committed to continuing to work with Williamsport Hospital to secure a permanent solution.

As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction over the Medicare program, I will continue to advocate for equitable reimbursement for Pennsylvania's healthcare providers. Moreover, as a member of the Senate Rural Health Care Caucus, I understand the unique challenges that face Pennsylvania's rural healthcare providers, and the importance of ensuring that providers such as Williamsport Hospital remain in a position to provide critical care to Pennsylvanians.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts on this important issue with you. If I can be of further assistance with this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to call on me.


Rick Santorum
United States Senate

The rest of the text was some drivel with the intent of violating the first amendment in case some one used this in any way to make fun of Saint Rick.


Tom Martin for US Senate

Tom Martin for US Senate

[ note: Citizen Statesman Is Dead, text of my speech delivered in the capital dome Aug 1, 2006 with the ballot access coalition. A collection of challanger parties attempting to get on the Pennsylvania Ballot for the november general elections: At the time of this posting - it looks like no challanger will made state wide ballot access. Over 95 thousand signatures were turned in by the Greens (aggressively funded by the Republicans) yet the Democrats threaten to challange 69 thousand and saddle those who dare challange them with court cost...I love this free country.]

It is an honor but not a pleasure to be here.
We are gathered here to witness the end of an era –It is time to eulogize the Citizen Statesman, for the Citizen statesman is dead. Murdered by career politicians determined to stay in power, murdered by career politicians determined to rule, not govern.

Why do I feel the need deliver such a eulogy? Is it just because ballot access is not happening for me, Tom Martin, Libertarian Candidate for US Senate nominated by a recognized political party? Or is it a much larger problem for all citizens because the system has been re-arranged so that the career politicians have our elections rigged so they only face each other in their ongoing dance of power.
The state constitutions promises “Election shall be Free and equal” we must ask When?

Statutory law has been arranged so that state wide candidates challenging the incumbent parties need over 67,070 signatures where the incumbents need only two thousand. Only a Lawyer or a politician thinks that 67 = 2. Offices are such as US Congress typically represents 5% of the states population yet challengers are not much better off, they still need at least twice as many signatures as the incumbent candidates running for state wide office.

I stand here with members of other parties, Constitution, Green, Socialist and independents who also suffering the same political fate and I know of many other who did not even try because the barriers have been risen so high, Its not just me, we the people are being denied ballot access in the land of the free. The Citizen Statesman is being exterminated from the political arena.

So who are these Citizen Statesman?
The citizen Statesman is the concept that the common man has a direct and fundamental impact on how the state governs on a daily basis. The citizen Statesman is a cross section from all walks of life - people who come to Harrisburg or Washington bringing their life experience, knowledge, and wisdom to spend a few years in service to the country, the state, the constitution and their fellow man then to return to their daily lives.

The Career politicians are different creatures. They have many faces such as Dictators, Kings, Princes, and Aristocracies all with a variety of excuses to rule. Career politicians have a life time job servicing the public. Today we the people face yet another angle of the power game and it really should not be any surprise, Thomas Jefferson warned us “I hope we shall.. Crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of the country.” The entrenched Political parties are such corporations, Tools for career politicians, Legal fictions that have been violating the public trust for their own advancement.

The career politicians are always quick to play political theater, they pay lip service to the rights and freedoms of the citizens – just as long as when the citizens exercise of their rights won’t get in the careerist way. The career politicians are quick to point out how generous they have been with the tax payer’s money – just as long as they don’t have to mention the fact that money was extorted and borrowed from other hard working citizens. The career politicians are quick to point out how they helped some one who was a victim of one of their numerous bad laws. It is easy to be liberal with some one else’s rights and money.

As rationalizations for miss deeds today’s career politicians can easily claim massive public support from them selves and their reign, and it is no surprise because annually they are the gate keepers of thousands of billions of our tax payer dollars confiscated and borrowed from we the people.

But apparently that is not enough for their power lust. They have scrubbed opposition candidates like Ralph Nader from the ballot.

At the highest levels these career politicians have no qualms about squashing the the right of the American people to an informed vote. During the last presidential election, The same day two American soldier’s died for Iraq’s democracy the career politicians President Bush and Senator Kerry had Libertarian Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik and Green presidential candidate David Cobb arrested rather then debated just to deny the citizens an informed vote. Why is their democracy so important – and ours is not?

The career politicians are so imbedded in government they have made government a tool for advancing their own self interest. They have done many things to protect them selves from the people- but controlling who runs against them in the elections is the most devious and egregious wrong for it requires violating the public trust about clean elections.

Where are the career politicians when it comes to protecting the fundamental rights of the American citizen? After all, protecting the elections of We the People, not their life time grip on power is their explicit and sacred duty that they accepted when they swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Who is trying to protect our republic? I am, Tom Martin nominated Libertarian candidate for US Senate and I am very honored to stand with other citizen statesmen who are also fighting for Our republic.
They are other people who have placed their life, reputation and honor on the line:
Russ Diamond , Independent for Governor,
Hagan Smith nominate Constitutional party candidate for Governor,
Marakay Rogers Green party candidate for Governor
Jeff Brindel Socialist State representative candidate 26th district
Jim Babb Libertarian State representative candidate 157th district

We Here are but a few of what America needs many of, a dying breed, the Citizen States men, the kind of people that our country was founded by and for.

Is our state free enough that the citizens will be allowed to vote for us? What we are doing today is asking not for any special favor, but we are demanding that the Constitution actually be followed. It is my hope that I am wrong that the citizen statesman is not dead, that here in Pennsylvania, In America that “Elections Shall be free and equal” and we won’t have to ask When?



I seem to remember for Bill Clintons first presidential run they were quite successful pushing the notion of "ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID" as a way of quickly getting at the hearts an minds of the American public. That was close to the problem, but not on the mark. Tax cuts are nice, they are a start in the right direction. The real target is the bloated and uncontrolled growth in government spending and debt. We are as a nation headed to junk bond status.

The White house is claiming that the economy is strong. Well if the economy is doing so great - then that is when you pay off your bills not eat the seed corn that is supposed to feed the next generation.

Any one who believes that republicans are fiscal conservative is ...gees.. To be as polite as possible - not paying attention, sharing meds with Rush Limbaugh, delusional? What $10 trillion dollar federal debt is not enough?

So to the true believers of the Republican Party - I have just one question. Why are big government Republicans better then big government Democrats?


Santorum expands Nanny State

I was some what annoyed - then amused to hear Senator Santorum define Conservatism as stewardship of patrimony at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference. Then later on in his speech he promoted a new government program at a mere $100 million dollars to expand the Nanny federal government into the delivery room -- part of that cradle to grave nanny state we conservatives have been clamering for. Apparently he found a clause in the constitution that requires federal government to register the fathers of children born out of wed lock. I was annoyed because of yet another government program - but amused since he has proven that democrats are redundant and unnecessary - Republicans can keep growing Fed Gove all on it's own in ways that not even Saint Hillary could imagine. So why are big government republican’s better then big government democrats? We the people can't afford either.


ISSUE ONE: Ballot Access

Ballot Access or More accurately the lack of it for the common American citizen is my primary issue

On it's face It is hard to imagine a topic more trivial then ballot access, when I realized as long as the incumbent parties control who may or may not run against them in the elections we the people can not be free until that is corrected.

There are a variety of topics from Abortion to Xenophobia, but they are all meaningless chatter if We the people are denied Free and Fair elections at the Ballot box.

In Pennsylvania the Republicans and Democrats parties only need 2,000 signatures for their state wide ballot access - In 2006 Libertarians, Constitution, Greens, Independents or any one else needs over 67,070 signatures -- more then 33 times as many signatures the incumbents need -- so much for the explicit Pennsylvania constitutional guarantee of Free and equal elections (article I Section V) - apparently the laws are only for the little people.

The career politicians regularly plunder the tax payers money to fund their elections with a wide array of tools at their disposal - all paid for by We the People but the system is used/abused By the politicians, For the Politicians, and To the Politicians. From their Franking Letters, tax payer subsidized primaries, use of Election Boards and Courts to enforce discriminatory Laws purely designed to eliminate opponents, Hugely different Ballot Access signature requirements, direct tax payer subsidy into incumbent election coffers, exclusive debates and even arresting opposition candidates to keep them from participating in the debates.

American Elections are not clean. If any American Citizen thinks our elections are ok they need an education to what is going on.